2018 EPIC Scholarship Results!

In it’s third year, the EPIC scholarship continues the tradition of helping keen people get to an international conference.  This year we opened it to any international conference – and had so many great applications that it took us two sittings to review them all!  We are happy to be able to help two professionals who both have goals to bring current information on pain to their communities!

In the spirit of collaboration, we are able to help Rheysonn Cornilla make it from the Philippines to the San Diego Pain Summit!  Thank you Rajam Roose for help with a complimentary registration!  Rheys has been trying to get the resources together each year to attend the summit, but expenses and the needs of his community have kept it out of reach.  Rheys will be taking what he learns back to the Philippines to share with the community and to update knowledge on the treatment and understanding of pain.

Thanks to the generosity of Lorimer Moseley and Paul Hodges who dedicated 3 separate nights for EPIC Scholarship events, we were able to help a second person to a conference.  Meet Natalie Kiefer, she is on a mission to bring alternatives to pain management and current information on opioid options into the Indian Health Services.  She is currently serving in Oregon with a Tribe that is underfunded and yet leading the way in the Pacific Northwest to add more Physical Therapy clinics and update opioid management.  Natalie will be going to Pain Week in Las Vegas this September and will be bringing the information that she learns back into the Tribe.

You may sense a theme! Both Rheys and Natalie are looking to bring updated information into their communities and are poised to be leaders in those communities.  We are honored to be able to help them on their way and thank all of you reading this for your continued enthusiasm for uncovering more questions on how best to help people in pain.  We could not do this without your interest and support!

We are looking forward to the 2019 EPIC Scholarship and continuing the effort to bring researchers and clinicians together for the benefit of those in pain.  Keep an eye out and stay in touch through the website, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

We will both be at IASP World Congress in Boston, wandering the sessions and posters to learn as much as we can.  We hope to run into some of you there!

About Sarah and Sandy

Sandy Hilton Sarah Haag EntropySarah Haag and Sandy Hilton are Physical Therapists in Chicago, IL and
co-owners of Entropy Physiotherapy. Sarah is a board certified Women’s
Clinical Specialist, a Certified McKenzie practitioner, and a
certified yoga instructor.  Sandy is co-host of Pain Science &
Sensibility where she is found having thoughts about the clinical
application of the science.
Both Sarah and Sandy have a passion for good questions and love to
teach and write about how to help people through good clinical
practice and promote self care. They designed Entropy Physiotherapy to
be a place to learn, explore, and push the edges in order to help
people do the things they love. You’ll find them individually or
together at conferences with a healthy quest for knowledge and an eye
out for top notch speakers and researchers so that we can all get a
bit better at helping people.