A Great Yarn

For those of you who have read the Painful Yarns stories – we got an email recently from Tim Beames who sent us a conversation he’d had with one of his patients:

“This big guy with CLBP is standing in front of me with tears rolling down his cheeks whilst I’m blathering on about attention and pain etc and a light suddenly gets switched on.  He looks a me with a big smile on his face and tells me he’s read a book on pain and this guy gets bitten by a snake but doesn’t realise.  He recovers but then he gets scratched on the leg by a stick and passes away!!!

Fantastic, didn’t have the heart to correct him as he was so pleased.”

Well if it works……


  1. Hi Jan – click on the Painful Yarns link which will take you to another page of books. Depending on where you live click on the link at the bottom of that section to order the book.

  2. Painful Yarns How do I buy this book. Jann