Acupuncture and awareness

We have just published the results of a small experiment looking at acupuncture in people with chronic low back pain (see here). Now that is not a sentence I thought I would ever write, so there is some explaining to do. Acupuncture is a common treatment for back pain and one that has been well researched. The outcome of this research effort is … [Read more...]

Evidence Based Arguing

I love Science. I love reading about science, I love doing science and I love thinking about how science can be applied to helping patients. But what I really love about science are the arguments! It is good and proper that in science ideas are debated, views challenged and criticisms aired, so when an article appeared looking at the science of … [Read more...]

Benedict Wand on Brain Changes in Chronic Pain

It now seems clear that the brain changes in patients with chronic pain problems. However, this is probably where the consensus ends as there is still much that remains unclear and speculative in this area. This elegant study by Rodriguez-Raecke and colleagues from the University of Hamburg (abstract at the end of this article) investigate two … [Read more...]