We have had some great students doing research at Body in Mind.  Here is who they are and what they did at BiM.


Nadia Barnsley

Nadia BarnsleyNadia was one of our superb third year medical students from the University of New South Wales. She had already scored her first serious conference gig.

She was with the BiM group doing a very groovy experiment using fake arms and real people.

Shikta Dey

Shikta was also a 3rd year medical student at the University of New South Wales. She confessed to actually enjoying maths and chemistry, but seems to be a very well adjusted and relatively normal person nonetheless.

She was with the group for almost a year doing experiments on motor imagery.

Rahul Mohan

Rahul was a dapper and technically informative third year med student at the University of New South Wales. His heritage looked a bit like the United Nations and he brought a level of sophistication to our group that was almost confronting.

Rahul was running an experiment to do with visual illusions and walking.


Hayley Leake

Hayley Leake BiM BodyInMind

Hayley joined the team in 2011, combining her Honours degree with her last two years of Physiotherapy studies at the University of South Australia. Her project looked into the effect of neck pain on the ability to differentiate left and right neck rotation images.

Simon Tu

Simon Tu Body In MindSimon’s honours project investigated the effects of exercise induced muscle pain and movement restriction on sensory and perceptual function. With a background in Exercise Physiology and love for all things neuroscience related, his talents also lay in interpretive illustration and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Sydney’s best eateries.