Introducing Carolyn Berryman

Carolyn Berryman, Body in MindWelcome to the first fruit of the Heidi Hurricane. Heidi thinks you should all meet the team.  The first one you are to meet is Carolyn Berryman.  Carolyn has been teaching with the Noisters (Neuro Orthopaedic Institute) for the last 10 years and finally got herself into research via a very competitive post-graduate scholarship. Not that she has every stopped studying – she already has a masters in physiotherapy and in pain science – good luck fitting PhD onto the business card!  What is Carolyn researching for her PhD?  Carolyn is looking at neurophysiological profiles between chronic pain and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) during working memory tasks.

What does Carolyn do day to day? She is under piles of papers doing a systematic review of working memory and cognitive impairment in chronic pain.  Carolyn will then be using EEG to evaluate what happens in people with pain.  When she is not in the office, she lives on an island 100 kms south of Adelaide (that’s a long commute!) and spends her off-time playing with family, sailing and walking.


  1. Carolyn Berryman says

    Hi Karen,
    Look forward to seeing you in April!
    Cheers, CB

  2. Karen Giddings says

    This all sounds very exciting Carolyn. Congratulations on the research role and hope it all goes well. Might see you at the meeting in Adelaide in April maybe?

  3. Carolyn I hope you also review some literature on chronic pain and the Feldenkrais Method in your journey.

  4. Hi Carolyn
    It’s good to put a face (and voice) to a name!

  5. carolyn berryman says

    Neil, I think your sarcasm detection antenna is on the money!
    I’ll look for the good!

  6. It is possible that it is just you…..

  7. Neil O'Connell says

    “Systematic reviews – we all know what fun they are”. I’m sure I detected a note of sarcasm. They are fun! Maybe its just me…..