Announcing the 2018 EPIC scholarship

We started the EPIC scholarship back in 2015 and awarded the first three winners for the Abdominal and Pelvic Pain Conference of 2017.

The entire purpose of the EPIC scholarship is to help other people have the opportunity to attend a conference that would normally not be possible.  While not all conferences are created equally, every conference we have attended over the years has resulted in something good – a new way to look at an idea, a new person to collaborate with, or new friends who continue to challenge us and enrich our lives.  We wanted others to have the opportunity to experience such amazing Educational Possibilities in Collaboration (which is what EPIC stands for!).

For the 2018 award winners, we decided to open the possibilities to any conference! The idea is to shorten the distance between research and clinicians, and to actively promote researchers, clinicians, or patients to get to a scientific conference.  We understand that money is tight for many of us, and we want to do a part in helping out!

The 2018 award application ends May 31st.  Please help us get the word out so that we have the chance to help those who need a little extra!  We have kept with the objectives that Lorimer described so well:

  • Opening up top shelf educational opportunities to those otherwise unable to access them.
  • Improving the connection between science and the clinic.
  • Improving our collective understanding of chronic pain and its treatment.

And we are thankful to Professor Paul Hodges and Professor Lorimer Moseley for their generosity of time, wit, and wisdom in participating in EPIC fundraising evenings in 2018 to fund the scholarship.  Many thanks to all who have helped us out by showing up and supporting the cause while enjoying good food and great conversation!

If you have question, reach out to Sarah ( or Sandy ( but do it soon!


Sarah Haag, PT, DPT

Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT