Meet the Winners of the EPIC Scholarship

This is SO EPIC!  We are very excited to announce that 3 winners have been selected to receive financial support to attend the 3rd World Congress on Abdominal and Pelvic Pain in Washington DC in October 2017.

What is this EPIC Scholarship?

The EPIC Scholarship (short for Educational Possibilities in Collaboration) was born at a conference when 2 clinicians (Sarah and Sandy) found themselves spending some time with a group of exceptionally clever researchers. All parties are dedicated to doing their jobs as well as possible, and all of their jobs are (or at least should be) interrelated.  As clinicians, we’re the end users of the evidence the researchers publish.  We need the help of the researchers to ask answerable questions that address curiosity or concerns from the clinic. Over the years, by attending conferences and having occasionally uncomfortable conversations, we’ve learned that these interactions between researchers and clinicians can be fruitful, impactful in our practice, and even result in researchers looking into our clinical questions.

We believe that the active collaboration between researchers and clinicians is the best way to move forward in helping more people.  Apparently, there was much interest from the rest of the world too!  We had inquiries from 28 people from at least 10 different countries., and 12 exceptional video applications were submitted.  The choices were not easy, as every video submission was inspiring in it’s own way.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest, especially to those who submitted their videos.  Thank you to Lorimer for his generous participation and support.  We are happy to have been able to help three people to attend the conference!  We look forward to meeting Wynne, Jilly and Mitch at the World Congress.

If you would like to know more about EPIC sponsorship please contact Sarah ( or Sandy (