World Congress on Pain Posters

Scientific conferences usually have a poster section which provide a rich and condensed source of some of the research that is currently being done around the globe. The International Association for the Study of Pain congress in Milan had a huge array, hundreds of new posters every day, ranging from sleep disorders to the genetic determinants of pain.

IASP poster hall – now picture that with all 7400 delegates!

Some of the BiM team also presented posters and we figured that those of you not lucky enough to be there might also like to see them. So, without further ado, here are the conference posters from Milan, and below that some other posters and resources we have added.

IASP Milan 2012

How good is the neurophysiology of pain questionnaire? A Rasch analysis of psychometric properties.
Mark J. Catley, Neil E. O’Connell & G. Lorimer Moseley

More than a drop in the ocean? Can social media really enhance dissemination in the clinical pain sciences?
Heidi Allen, G. Lorimer Moseley, Tasha R Stanton, and Flavia Di Pietro

Pain modulates the perceived location of the pain-relieving switch.
Abby Tabor, Mark J Catley, Michael Thacker, Simon C Gandevia, G. Lorimer Moseley.

Working memory and chronic pain, is there evidence for dysfunction? A systematic review & meta-analysis.
Carolyn Berryman, Tasha R Stanton, K Jane Bowering, Abby Tabor, Alexander McFarlane, G Lorimer Moseley

Moving in an environment of induced sensory-motor incongruence does not influence pain sensitivity in healthy volunteers: a randomised within-subject cross-over experiment.
Benedict M Wand, Lareina Szpak, Pamela George, Max Bulsara,  Neil E O’Connell, G Lorimer Moseley

Functional changes in the primary somatosensory cortex in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS): a systematic review.
Flavia Di Pietro, Tasha R Stanton, Luke Parkitny, James H McAuley, Martin Lotze, Benedict M Wand, G Lorimer Moseley

Is pain downregulated if you expect a painful stimulus immediately nearby?
Tasha R Stanton and G Lorimer Moseley

Evidence for the presence of inflammatory activity in patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS): A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Luke Parkitny, James H. McAuley, Flavia Di Pietro, Tasha R. Stanton, Neil O’Connell, Johan Marinus, Frank Birklein, Jacobus J. van Hilten, G. Lorimer Moseley

Assessing sleep quality in low back pain: the validity of portable instruments.
Saad M Alsaadi, James H. McAuley, Julia M Hush, Ron R Grunstein, Delwyn J Bartlett, Zoe M McKeough, George Dungan, Chris G Maher

We will be adding to these in the future.  The images of the posters are a little hard to read, but will give you an idea of the topic.  We have also provided a PDF version which is much easier to read and downloadable.

Other posters and some useful charts

CRPS diagnostic criteria used for most BiM Studies
Lorimer Moseley

Evaluation of a treatment-based classification algorithm for low back pain
Tasha R Stanton, Julie M Fritz, Mark J Hancock, Jane Latimer, Chris G Maher, Benedict  M Wand, Eric C Parent

Managing chronic nonspecific low back pain with a sensorimotor retraining approach: exploratory multiple-baseline study of 3 participants
Benedict M. Wand, Neil E. O’Connell, Flavia Di Pietro, Max Bulsara

Noi 2012
BiM team posters

If you want to find these again you’ll find everything under the BiM resource section in the navigation bar at the the top of the blog.


  1. Great work guys. thank you for making all of this material available for those of us who could not enjoy the wine, pasta, and good life of Italy.

  2. Well Done BIM! Very pleasing to see young researchers getting good airplay among the world’s experts!! Hope you enjoyed Milano and see you back at homepleat in due course. safe travels.

  3. Sara Brentnall says:

    Thanks guys!
    Can’t say it’s as good as being there….
    But don’t feel QUITE so left out now!

    Heidi Reply:

    Pleasure Sara!