IASP 2016

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The Predictive validity and clinical value of the short form orebro musculoskeletal pain screening questionnaire in secondary care.

Emma L Karran, Adrian C Traeger, James H McAuley, Susan L Hillier, Yun-Hom Yau, G Lorimer Moseley

E Karran IASP 2016

Nociceptive event related potential components during stage 2 sleep and their relationship to stimulus intensity and arousal
Danny Camfferman, Mohammad Shohag, Ross Smith, Mark Kohler, G Lorimer Moseley


Perceptual inference in chronic pain: an investigation into the Economy of Action hypothesis
Tabor A., O’Daly O., Gregory RW., Jacobs C., Travers W., Thacker M., & Moseley GL.

Spatially defined motor deficits in people with unilateral complex regional pain syndrome

Felicity A Braithwaite, Emily J Reid, Sarah B Wallwork, Daniel Harvie, K Jane Chalmers, Charles Spence, Alberto Gallace, G Lorimer Moseley