King of the Mountain 2013

This is from BikeSA newsletter:

Last Sunday, April 7th, the second UniSA Ride for Pain saw a glorious day in the hills and along the Torrens, and some absolutely stellar riding. There was an option to participate in the first ever age and weight handicapped True King/Queen of the Mountain, on Corkscrew Road. Remember that cyclists had already covered 80km and they scaled 2.4km with an average gradient of 9%. After the event, all the data were entered into a statistical package to create the formula for determining the predicted time as a function of your age and weight. We then ranked every cyclist according to how far they deviated from their predicted time. We all know that, for climbing hills, the lighter the better, but, remarkably, this is the first time the relationship between hill climbing and age and weight has ever been investigated. For weight, there was a linear relationship so that the lighter you are the better.  However, for age, the relationship was not that simple. In fact, performance peaked at age about 39 and then dropped off from there.

Here are the results and photos of every rider coming up the corkscrew. Remarkably, some of them are smiling!

RANKRide IDStrav usernamerawtimeM/FAgeWeight NO BikeWeight with bikepredicted time (secs)Actual time - predicted time
1180John Allison10:05M5683.791.3928-323.22
2275Sam Drummond8:20M4179.687.6820-320.47
3240Warren Foreman10:46M568896.1966-319.60
4181Jack Allison11:39M1771.481938-239.01
5170Rob K11:10M5477.686.3865-195.00
780Ben Peterson10:44M2971.480.1820-176.48
82Scarlet Manuka12:06M4288.396.9892-165.84
9217John Robinson10:47M5372.680.8812-165.00
10251Eugene Quinn11:27M5573.682.3845-158.00
11136Elliot Steed10:56M216068.2798-142.00
12277Oscar Klass12:38M298089.8896-138.00
13216Tony Keany12:11M3581.190.4862-131.00
14128Matthew Gordge14:34M3498.8107.51001-126.68
15245Chris Ford12:30M5081.790.2861-111.00
16160Jason Wellington12:16M2974.983.4846-110.00
17101Joseph W11:00M4572.381769-109.00
18253Kelly Bras15:46M29100.2109.71051-105.00
19201Ecrey Coomes12:24M3981.489836-92.00
2031Jane Bowering12:43F2267.175.9848-85.00
2190Dave Nicholls12:08M3069.778.6801-73.00
22139Jeff Kasparian13:11M5171.689.7864-73.00
23252Neil Atkinson12:06M4375.583.4786-60.00
2483Alex Reilly11:36M4469.679.3755-59.00
25228Jimmy Ashby14:32M1362.573.4921-49.00
26274Graham Hancox15:06M4585.5104.6953-47.00
2730Mark Catley13:39M3480.990.1865-46.00
2863Chris Hooper17:00M45109.3118.61062-42.00
2989Matt Riley7713:02M4078.787.6822-40.00
30255Brookie Monster12:54M4278.286.6812-38.00
3194Marcus T15:36M5981.391.2974-38.00
32229Ian parker12:02M4270.579.4756-34.00
33235Andrew Thomas16:11M5190.9101.2999-28.00
34Cat H296976.3784-27
3693Rob Greenwood14:05M3678.187.68369.00
3768Peter Davis18:50M7061.371.7111515.00
3892Anthony Dodd14:56M3681.791.286432.00
39119Dave Gelling15:59M5188.397.792633.00
40239Miguel Alemao14:20M4778.586.882040.00
41238Matthew Kaess14:20M4977.385.782040.00
4232Abby Tabor14:43F2669.579.784241.00
43126Mark Slee14:54M4781.290.584945.00
4479Fraser mcq14:13M5371.280.180647.00
4559Cem Kibar12:02M4060.368.467349.00
4699William Rufus15:11M2875.183.785655.00
47147Sandy Stefanou14:29M5365.880.380861.00
48106Nick Wastbrook14:10M3269.277.978268.00
49190Daniel Raschella16:38M4092.5101.192771.00
50226Densy Orellana15:28M3075.285.785771.00
51276Jarrod Badcock16:21M2374.984.790873.00
52137Alex Bojka14:22M4873.681.378181.00
53171Zaxxon (Tom Naffine)16:46M4192.3100.291987.00
5427Rohan Miegel17:42M2382.893.397587.00
55132Trevor Wiseman19:40M6578.386.21069111.00
57210James Reichstein17:59M5484.995933146.00
58185Marilyn Ey15:26F5956.965770156.00
5987Kevin Campbell16:34M4576.685.4804190.00
6098The Whippet18:42M4085.195.5884238.00
61109C Wetherill19:23M4578.587.2818345.00
62231Joshua Bull20:21M2776.682.8857364.00
63169Neil Slipper22:45M2887.697960405.00
64162Mark Jones23:45M5790.199.71008432.00
65164Adam Rosser21:56M3881.388.9838478.00


  1. Lorimer says:

    GDay Bill –
    We are keeping the constants a secret this year because we want to replicate it before we put it out there – this is gold standard practice for small samples so, sorry, I am keeping it a secret until next year….


  2. Bill Griggs says:

    Hi Lorimer,
    Are you willing to share the constants for your derived equation? As I crashed and injured my shoulder the week before this event, I could not do the ride but I know my weight, bike weight, age and the times I was doing then. I would be interested to plug my numbers in to see where I might have fitted. I ride regularly with Warren Foreman and know he is quicker than me!


  3. Hi folks. Well, just getting our feet back on the ground after a whirlwind few weeks. Thanks to all of you who corrected our data entry mistakes and apologies to those of you who lost strava data or I couldn’t find it etc etc. A big congratulations to John Allison, Sam Drummond, Warren Foreman, Jack Allison. Some improvements for next year – we will definitely do the start finish line – great suggestion and daft oversight really; we can’t move the weigh-in station unless we close the road and this is logistically difficult because the cyclists are spread over 3 hours; we NEED MORE FEMALES to ride – unfortunately there were only 4 females which meant we couldn’t put gender into the mix, nor work out a age-weight formula for females.
    Some people have asked about the formula. We need to replicate it to see how stable it is so I am not giving out numbers, but here is what we did:
    1. Plotted weight vs time to see if it was linear, which it was.
    2. Plotted age vs time to see if it was linear, which it was NOT. It was a kind of u-shape centred around 42 (clearly anchored by Sam Drummond’s fantastic time). The distribution matched a quadratic function.
    3. We did a regression with age, age-squared and weight as regressors (or independent variables) and time as the dependent variable. We checked that all three regressors significantly related to time, which they did. We determined a predicted time on the basis of everyone’s age and weight like this:
    Predicted time = a + b(age) + c(age-squared) +d(weight)
    where a, b, c and d are constants.
    4. We then ranked everyone according to how they performed as compared to their predicted time.
    I hope to run it again – it all depends on getting support from the right places. Until then, ride safe folks and thanks very much indeed for participating.


  4. Well done for a great organised ride4pain 2013. Some suggestions for the next challenge; try to highlight the start/finish of the corkscrew climb (e.g I assumed incorrectly in was ‘all of corkscrew’ – as per Strava). Also not everyone was aware of where the weighing points would be located – it may have been publicised but possibly could be stressed more. Again thanks for a most enjoyable day.


  5. William Rufus says:

    Hi Guys, I’m actually turning the ripe old age of 50 this week, not 28 as listed in the results, great event though and congratulations to all who made it up corkscrew.


  6. Maureen McEvoy says:

    Great ride overall, lots of friendly people, weather soooo much bette rthan 2012. Enjoyed the corkscrew-managed it to my surprise (tried NOT to look at those dreadful signs-just head down, bm up …but no result recorded? What did I do wrong?…I might never make it up there again!! Maureen


  7. Rob King says:

    Well done to the organisers for putting this on and the concept of an overall KOM! As a relatively old fart fighting gradual performance decline with age, I would love to know more about the statistical analysis behind this, and/or see what I presume is a graph of all the data? Thanks!


  8. Sandy Stefanou says:

    Great event! Thanks to the organisers. One question. Was the weight of the bike taken into consideration? I was under the impression that the ratio of rider’s weight and bike bike along with age was going to be a major factor. Not so? What was I thinking riding my 14.9 kg mountain bike on the day? Cheers.


  9. Catherine Hughes says:

    Hi Guys
    sorry to say but i think you have missed some people from your list 🙁
    I registered on strava, got the weigh in and rode up corkscrew in 12:37 so was a bit sad to see i didnt get recorded on your list 🙁
    Any chance you can count me in or let me know how i would have been placed? My strava name is Cat H.


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