Left or Right Brain Game

I reckon that all great scientific discoveries are judged on two criteria: firstly the idea must be truly original and useful to human-kind and secondly it must permeate into popular culture. I’ll cite two examples: (1) Gravity not only bruised Newton’s forehead and still keeps us grounded but also provides hours of entertainment to skydivers and bungee jumpers everywhere, (2) Electricity not only powers the light-bulb but is also responsible for cultural icons like Frankenstein and those funky plasma balls that somehow safely contain 10,000 volts. Now laterality has officially made the grade.

While making use of those great cultural icons, namely the laptop and internet, we discovered this. Not a bad game if we do say so ourselves!

Left Right Brain Game


  1. When I had crps (in remission) doing Recognize or even thinking about left/right hands caused pain or increased pain. In times of great pain I got dismal results. This is the first time I’ve considered left/right recognition in a few years. Recognition not perfect but almost with speed. No pain from doing this now.

    Anonymous Reply:

    This is great news. Whoever thought that a flash game could be used as a clinical outcome measure?

  2. I only got ‘average’ after about 6 times of failing – bloody useless considering I’ve done the laterality stuff heaps, oh well, off to practice a bit more (maybe it’ll help my golf….)

    Kate Reply:

    actually it said ‘adequate’ – code for hopeless I think…

    Anonymous Reply:

    Look up adequate in the dictionary. It’s acctualy an admiral and practical level of achivement.

  3. Luke Parkitny says:


    We thought it was interesting that clinical neuroscience has morphed into mainstream gaming… Check out posts like:


    on this site!

  4. Kevin King says:

    This is a fun game, but what does it actually have to do with neuroscience? It would be great if they could go into more detail about perception or nerve signals crossing over!