Lorimer Moseley talks about Body In Mind

We are in the middle of Heidi Hurricane. She is bugging everyone for little video’s on what we are doing and she assures me it all part of her digital strategy…..Anyway, she snuck under my radar by first showing me all these lovely videos she has done of the team and getting me to admit it was a good thing to do etc etc, then pulling out her video camera and saying ‘You’re live’.   So, here is a 4 minute blurb on what we are doing at BiM, a little on why we are doing it and a secret password at the end. Hope you like it.


  1. Sara Brentnall says:

    Are you counting the “I made it”‘s?

    You guys do a great job – and are helping to keep old clinicians (that’s me) interested enough to keep at it. ‘Cause it can be hard work at the coal face without inspiration, and hope!


  2. I made it!
    I’m not connected at all with practicing medicine, but I’ve got a fair amount of pain to use as experimental data.

  3. Sandy Hilton says:

    Hey Lorimer (and the BiM team),

    Nicely done! I expect you’ll be meeting those lofty goals. Thanks bunches from the clinic side of things. What you are doing does make a difference.

    Almost forgot the password: I made it

  4. Password: I made it!
    IKEA furniture? 🙂

  5. Hi Lorimer,
    I made it! Very nicely explained and I reckon you and your team(s) are doing great stuff. Keep it up and keep fighting hard for the funding needed to finish the work. It is SO nice to see taxes being spent on really uplifting and positive research for the benefit of many….what do you know about sore bones, knees and aversions to physical labour?
    Enough….thanks for succumbing to Heidi’s movie production charms.

  6. password, I made it!

  7. I love the style of BiM – a great way to disseminate and that’s coming from a former journals publisher!!

    Heidi has really got a great strategy, here’s hoping you keep the funding coming in to help share what you’re doing in such an accessible and meaningful way 🙂

  8. Made it. 🙂
    Thanks for all the hard work. Hard, but I don’t know that pain science for PTs would be what it is without you Aussies. So, thanks. Bigtime thanks.

  9. Password – I made it 😉
    Love the work BIM does, keep it up!

  10. Guy Gilbers says:

    Password: I made it!!

  11. Geoff Bostick says:

    I made it!
    I think the blog is great. I am mostly an aspiring clinician scientist and enjoy reading the blog and finding out what some of the leaders and up-and-comers are innovating in the area of pain research – particularly in the context of rehab. BiM has inspired a small group at the University of Alberta to construct a blog to further connections between researchers and clinicians.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Karen Lines says:

    I just want to let you know I would be done if it wasn’t for you guys. I’d pack it in and be working at a Tim Hortons coffee. Heidi, Lorimer and everyone who shares their knowledge and ideas to help painful people, you are brilliant. I am really interested in Integrin signalling at the moment in relation to traumatic brain injury and MS, and how MS and CRPS I seem to share certain characteristics.

    I do everything I can think of to promote and advance BIM to my Canadian colleagues and retweet many of BIM’s posts. Please keep up this novel output. My brain needs you.

    Alice Kahl Reply:

    YUM… Tim Horton’s!!! 🙂

  13. If you want my two penneth, the site is very useful thanks Lorimer so keep up the good work. Hopefully narrowing the gap between knowledge and actually what happens in clinical practice.

    Sites like this certainly have had a big effect on my clinical practice and development.