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If you are new to, you might not be aware of a major community outreach initiative being driven by our Chief Editor Professor Lorimer Moseley, called Pain Revolution. Pain Revolution emerged a couple of years ago on the back of two observations that will probably not be all that novel to you, but, both taken together, seemed pretty gobsmacking (for those of you unfamiliar with this phrase – think ‘jawdroppingly surprising’) to Lorimer at the time:

Observation 1. Many MILLIONS of people experience persistent pain everyday and it hurts in more ways than you might think. There is no more common reason for early retirement from the workforce than persistent pain. In terms of disability and economic cost, there is no health condition that places a greater burden on our society. Persistent pain is a major risk factor for depression, suicide, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Despite the impact, many people with persistent pain can not access contemporary education and care. And the clincher for me: people with persistent pain are often invisible to the clinical models and funding schemes that others with chronic problems can access and as a result they often end up on a descending spiral of disadvantage and exclusion.

Observation 2. Discoveries made over the last 20 years, about how pain actually works and the kinds of things that increase and decrease it, means that so much of the social, community and economic impact of persistent pain could be prevented. The very tricky but I reckon doable thing is to get these exciting discoveries into the hands, hearts and minds of the general public and the health professionals who serve them.

Pain Revolution’s vision is that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain. It is chasing that vision via several strategies, including our flagship outreach event the Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour and our capacity-building Local Pain Educators Program.

The Pain Revolution Outreach Tour is a world first health promotion and education initiative. It raises awareness and critical funds to support our long term strategies. It is not your average fundraising bike ride – it is intentionally challenging, requiring all cyclists to train and prepare well and dig deep and support each other. At each stop en route, our travelling circus of 50 or so committed and mostly volunteer group, delivers public demonstrations, seminars and health professional workshops. The Tour is really a week-long outreach, education and community engagement pain festival in which everyone, in lycra or not, is working really hard towards our vision.

The Local Pain Educators Program is also world first initiative. We provide scholarships to support rurally based health professionals to complete a certificate in pain science and management, then a year’s mentoring with an experienced pain clinician, delivering educational events and outreach in their own community, and then, finally mentoring a new local pain educator on their journey. And so it goes – a sustainable, scalable program of upskilling health professionals to deliver best practice pain care and education locally. We now have 32 local pain educators across 15 rural towns and we are growing.

There are some aspects of the LPEP that we think are particularly innovative. Through a large amount of needs analysis and primary and secondary research, it has become clear that many health professionals who try to integrate contemporary treatment approaches into their practice feel isolated and alone. As part of Pain Revolution’s approach, we are directly promoting the resilience and well being of our LPEs through building local and national communities of practice, giving LPEs skills in building and maintaining local networks, and providing resources and support to keep motivation and engagement high.

Now let’s think about how you, a reader of BiM, might be able to give something back to the universe. Well it’s easy really. We have provided 2 posts a week for almost a decade, approaching our 1000th post this year. This service – commissioning, editing, adjusting each post, promoting student work and relevant meetings is obviously free, requires the volunteer work of many people and has cost us almost half a million dollars to date. There is no commercial gain to anyone through this initiative. Our statistics show that the average blog post on BiM is read by about 1500 people. If each person donated just $10, the BIM Community would fund a Local Pain Educator scholarship. This would change an entire community.

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