PainAdelaide 2013 logo winners announced

Thanks to all of you who submitted designs for the logo for PainAdelaide. We will kick off the new initiative of pain researchers at Adelaide’s three universities with the inaugural PainAdelaide meeting. We wanted the logo to reflect the three universities (Flinders, Adelaide and UniSA) and the idea that by working together we will promote quicker progress towards better outcomes for people in pain. We also wanted the logo to reflect the strengths of the research at each university, and the potential synergies we can create by working together.

We had 15 submissions and the committee had a very difficult time picking a winner. In fact, the committee couldn’t quite agree until we combined the succinct tag line ‘Putting heads together for chronic pain’, from Dan Harvey and Jane Bowering’s design, with the striking graphics of Joshua Burton’s design.  So, the winnings are to be shared between the two, with the gold prize going to Joshua and the silver to Dan and Jane.

We will be using this logo on all things related to PainAdelaide and we have versions that bias the colours of one university or another.  Thanks again for the fantastic submissions, click here to have a look at the rest

The winner:


  1. Well done in putting it all together. I can tell a lot of thinking was put in creative way it got all your objective, the curves and the sparkle in the logo bring the idea of the “party in Adelaide”, and the rest is just cleverly put together.
    Simple sophistacation.