Registration for PainAdelaide 2014 is OPEN!

March 31st 2014, National Wine Centre.

Possibly the best pain meeting in the world is on again. The PainAdelaide committee has worked hard at getting together another stellar line-up with a lot for everyone.

We have confirmed Prof Mark Jensen from the University of Washington, Seattle. Mark is the Editor of the Journal of Pain and a world authority on enhancing clinical engagement and treatment outcomes.

We have confirmed Dr Ann Meulders from KU Leuven, Belgium. Ann is a rising star in the world of avoidance and the role of conditioning in pain-related behaviours.

We have confirmed Dr Neil O’Connell from the Brunel University, UK. Neil is one of the few people who actually loves the Cochrane Database and will talk us all through how to make sense of it for clinical practice.

We have Prof Michael Nicholas and Prof Mac Christie coming over from Sydney and a suite of local stars – Tasha Stanton, Mark Hutchinson, Julio Licinio, Rainer Haberberger, Mike Ridding, Sam Whittle….

We will have world leaders talking about opiates, adherence, glia, motivation, psychiatry, rheumatology, illusions, addiction, plasticity and c-fibres.

We have the same terrific venue and scrumptious menu.

Thanks to our sponsors, we have been able to keep the registration fee at the unbelievably good price of $100 with some student places at $65.  Of course, we actively encourage you to pay more if you think it is worth more – we like to think that registration is AT LEAST $100! Any donation will go directly to the collaborative research and dissemination projects of the PainAdelaide consortium.

Attached is the program and a registration form.

I really hope to see you on March 31st,

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Lorimer Moseley | Paul Rolan | Rainer Haberberger | Tim Semple | Anne Burke

Click on the link  for PainAdelaide’s program and  register now!


  1. Alex Chisholm says:

    I would happily pay the registration to fee to access this via the internet. It looks wonderful.


  2. I pray as well that you can make this available online with a downloadable version.


  3. Please broadcast this on the Internet! I can’t afford to go to Australia but I need the info!


  4. Janet Millner says:

    Ditto the comments re ‘virtual’ registration…..I would also be happy to pay the registration fee for a downloadable version!


  5. sarah sturman says:

    Any podcast/webinar/downloadable ‘best bits’ would be fab for those of us in the UK who would happily spend $100 on registering but for whom spending £1000 flying to Australia is out of the question unfortunately!!


  6. heggy wyatt says:

    ooooh me too!


  7. I cross my fingers that it will be broadcasted via the internet (audio or video) this year!!!


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