Healthy Volunteers Research Projects

Are you someone who does not have pain but would be happy to be a control participant?  Then this page is for you!

Alternatively, if you are researcher and would like to list your study contact us here.

Healthy volunteers needed!

  • Where: Australia:  Adelaide, South Australia
  • Contact:  Emma here
  • More info:

Are you between 18-65 years old? Have no current pain? Have normal sensation? Have no psychiatric disorders? You could take part in a study investigating experimental pain assessment which will involve 1 session lasting 60-90 minutes.

Individual differences in pain processing

  • Where: USA: Johns Hopkins, Bayview Medical Campus, Baltimore, MD
  • Contact:  Emily Burton here

More Healthy volunteers needed!

Do you want to experience one of the BiM group studies first hand? We are looking for participants for a study that is investigating the plasticity response in the brain to an aversive stimulus.

Over three experimental sessions you will be asked some questions and your brain activity will be recorded using electroencephalography, your hand will be stimulated with an electrical stimulation device (in one session this will cause transient pain lasting only 50 seconds!), and you will also have your brain stimulated using a non-invasive device. Reimbursement via shopping voucher at $20 per hour is offered.