GMI articles

We are collecting a respository of GMI papers. If you know of any that should be added please let us know. PDFs of the full text have been included where we are able to.


K. Jane Bowering, David S. Butler, Ian J. Fulton and G. Lorimer Moseley (2014). Motor Imagery in People With a History of Back Pain, Current Back Pain, Both, or Neither Clin J Pain 30:1070–1075. PDF


Sarah B.Wallwork, David S. Butlerand G. Lorimer Moseley (2013) Dizzy people perform no worse at a motor imagery task requiring whole body mental rotation; a case-control comparison. Front. Hum Neurosci. (7) Online ahead of print. PDF

Tasha R. Stanton, Chung-Wei Christine Lin, Helen Bray, Rob J. E. M. Smeets, Deborah Taylor, Roberta Y. W. Law and G. Lorimer Moseley (2013) Tactile acuity is disrupted in osteoarthritis but is unrelated to disruptions in motor imagery performance. Rheumatology doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/ket139. Full PDF

Walz AD, Usichenko T, Moseley GL, Lotze M( 2013) Graded Motor Imagery and the Impact on Pain Processing in a Case of CRPSClin J Pain. 29(3):276-279 PDF

K. Jane Bowering, Neil E. O’Connell, Abby Tabor, Mark J. Catley, Hayley B. Leake, G. Lorimer Moseley, and Tasha R. Stanton (2013) The Effects of Graded Motor Imagery and Its Components on Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJ. of Pain 14(1):3-13. PDF


Johnson S, Hall J, Barnett S, Draper M, Derbyshire G, Haynes L, Rooney C, Cameron H, Moseley GL, de C Williams AC, McCabe C, Goebel A. (2012) Using graded motor imagery for complex regional pain syndrome in clinical practice: failure to improve painEur J Pain. Apr;16(4):550-61. PDF.

Abhishikta Dey, Nadia Barnsley, Rahul Mohan, Marianne McCormick, James H McAuley, G Lorimer Moseley (2012) Are children who play a sport or a musical instrument better at motor imagery than children who do not? Br J Sports Med 2012;46:923-926. PDF

Lagueux E, Charest J, Lefrançois-Caron E, Mauger ME, Mercier E, Savard K, Tousignant-Laflamme Y. (2012) Modified graded motor imagery for complex regional pain syndrome type 1 of the upper extremity in the acute phase: a patient seriesJ Rehabil Res. 35(2):138-45. PDF


Moseley,GL & Barnett,C (2009)  Motor imagery for peripheral injury. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 90(8):1443 PDF.


Moseley,GL, Zalucki,N, Birklein,F, Marinus,J, van Hilten,J, Luomajoki,H (2008) Thinking about movement hurts.  Evidence that motor imagery increases pain and swelling in people with chronic upper limb pain. Arthritis Care & Research 59,5 623-31 [Abstract and SlidesPDF


Moseley,GL (2006) Graded motor imagery for pathologic pain – a randomised controlled trial. Neurology 67: 2129-34 [Abstract and SlidesPDF


Moseley,GL (2004) Graded motor imagery is effective for long-standing complex regional pain syndrome – a randomised controlled trial. Pain 108(1-2): 192-198 [Abstract and SlidesPDF

Moseley,GL (2004) Why do people with CRPS1 take longer to recognise their affected hand? Neurology 62 2182-2186 [AbstractPDF

Moseley,GL (2004) Imagined movements cause pain and swelling Neurology 62 1644 [AbstractPDF