IASP 2012

More than a drop in the ocean? Can social media really enhance dissemination in the clinical pain sciences?

Heidi Allen, Tasha R Stanton, Flavia Di Pietro and G. Lorimer Moseley

Pain modulates the perceived location of the pain-relieving switch.
Abby Tabor, Mark J Catley, Michael Thacker, Simon C Gandevia, G. Lorimer Moseley.

Working memory and chronic pain, is there evidence for dysfunction? A systematic review & meta-analysis.
Carolyn Berryman, Tasha R Stanton, K Jane Bowering, Abby Tabor, Alexander McFarlane, G Lorimer Moseley

Moving in an environment of induced sensory-motor incongruence does not influence pain sensitivity in healthy volunteers: a randomised within-subject cross-over experiment.
Benedict M Wand, Lareina Szpak, Pamela George, Max Bulsara,  Neil E O’Connell, G Lorimer Moseley

Functional changes in the primary somatosensory cortex in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS): a systematic review.
Flavia Di Pietro, Tasha R Stanton, Luke Parkitny, James H McAuley, Martin Lotze, Benedict M Wand, G Lorimer Moseley

Is pain downregulated if you expect a painful stimulus immediately nearby?
Tasha R Stanton and G Lorimer Moseley

Evidence for the presence of inflammatory activity in patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS): A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Luke Parkitny, James H. McAuley, Flavia Di Pietro, Tasha R. Stanton, Neil O’Connell, Johan Marinus, Frank Birklein, Jacobus J. van Hilten, G. Lorimer Moseley

Assessing sleep quality in low back pain: the validity of portable instruments.
Saad M Alsaadi, James H. McAuley, Julia M Hush, Ron R Grunstein, Delwyn J Bartlett, Zoe M McKeough, George Dungan, Chris G Maher