IASP 2014

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Assessing self-perception in patients with chronic low back pain: Development of a back-specific body-perception questionnaire

Benedict M Wand, M. James, S. Abbaszadeh, P. J. George, P. M. Formby, A. J. Smith, Neil E O’Connell


Developing a time efficient tactile paradigm for fingertip representation in the primary somatosensory cortex in pathological pain

Audrey P. Wang, Flavia Mancini, Mark M. Schira, James H. McAuley, Zoey J. Isherwood, Giandomenico Iannetti, Caroline D. Rae and G. Lorimer Moseley


Bogus visual feedback alters movement-evoked pain threshold in people with neck pain

Daniel S. Harvie, Markus Broecker, Ross T. Smith, Ann Meulders, Victoria J. Madden, G. Lorimer Moseley


Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques for chronic pain. An updated Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis

Neil E O’Connell, Benedict M Wand, Louise Marston, Sally Spencer, Lorraine H De Souza


Can pain or hyperalgesia be a classically conditioned response? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Victoria J. Madden, Daniel S. Harvie, Tasha R. Stanton, Romy Parker, Johan W. Vlaeyen, G. Lorimer Moseley


How reassuring is education for patients with acute low back pain? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Adrian C. Traeger, Markus Hübscher, G. Lorimer Moseley, Hopin Lee, Nicholas Henschke, James H. McAuley


The effect of bodily illusions on clinical pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Eva Boesch, Valeria Bellan, G Lorimer Moseley & Tasha R Stanton


Limb immobilization does not modulate sensory and perceptual effects of experimentally-induced arm pain

M. Hübscher, S Tu, T. Stanton, G. L. Moseley, B. M. Wand, J. Booth, J. H. Mcauley


How does disability develop from spinal pain? A systematic review of mediating variables

Hopin Lee, Markus Hübscher, G. Lorimer Moseley, Steven J. Kamper, Adrian C. Traeger, Gemma Mansell, James H. McAuley


Interhemispheric somatosensory differences in chronic pain reflect abnormality of the healthy side

Flavia Di Pietro, Tasha R. Stanton, G. Lorimer Moseley, Martin Lotze, James H. McAuley


Perceptual habituation and skin temperature stability with repeated noxious laser stimuli

Victoria J. Madden, Mark Catley, Luzia Grabherr, Francesca Mazzola, Mohammad Shohag & G. Lorimer Moseley


Where does it hurt? Untangling multisensory inputs for awareness of body location

Valeria Bellan, Helen R. Gilpin, Tasha R. Stanton, Roger Newport, Alberto Gallace, G. Lorimer Moseley


Characterising the time profile of the top-down modulation of the hand-blink reflex by hand position

Sarah Wallwork, Danny Camfferman, Mohammad Shohag, Gian Domenico Iannetti & G. Lorimer Moseley


What are the characteristics of the inflammatory components of PVD? A systematic review

K. Jane Bowering, Victoria J. Madden, Susan F. Evans, G. Lorimer Moseley


What do we really know about distance-based spatial summation of noxious stimuli in humans? 

A Systematic Review. Emily Reid, Daniel Harvie, Charles Spence & Lorimer Moseley

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