PainAdelaide 2013

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The left/right judgement task in people with and without shoulder pain.
John Breckenridge, Karen Ginn, James McAuley

The flexibility of body representations in osteoarthritis.
Helen Gilpin and Roger Newport

Working memory and chronic pain, is there evidence for dysfunction? A systematic review & meta-analysis.
Carolyn Berryman, Tasha R Stanton, K Jane Bowering, Abby Tabor, Alexander McFarlane, and G Lorimer Moseley

Chronic codeine – More pain than gain? The first evidence of codeine induced hyperalgesia.
J Johnson, M Hutchinson, D Williams, and P Rolan

Group-based treatment for Chronic Pain. Is ACT effective, and how does it compare to CBT?
N Duigan and A Burke

The emerging state of mindfulness during labour and its association with the experience of labour pain.
Laura Whitburn, Lester Jones, Mary-Ann Davey, Rhonda Small

Forgiveness, psychological distress and chronic pain: have we missed something?
G Dewar, ALJ Burke, H Winefield, and P Strelan

Modulation of tactile information processing by ‘visual’ body touch
Valeria Bellan, Carlo Reverberi, G Lorimer Moseley, Alberto Gallace

More than a drop in the ocean? Can social media really enhance dissemination in the clinical pain sciences?
Heidi Allen, Tasha R Stanton, Flavia di Pietro, and G Lorimer Moseley 

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