Visual body touch

Modulation of tactile information processing by ‘visual’ body touch

Valeria Bellan, Carlo Reverberi, G Lorimer Moseley, Alberto Gallace

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What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Pain and motor function depend on multisensory processes and accurate spatial mapping of the body, but the problem is that we seldom consider these things when trying to understand people with pain and motor dysfunction.

What is the hypothesis this study tested?

Seeing whether a ‘whatever’ arm (not specifically one’s own arm) influences the tactile processing on one’s own real arm.

What was the conclusion?

Tactile processing is modulated by seeing an arm instead of a neutral object and also by the position of the screen on which the arm is displayed.

What is the clinical relevance of the work?

Tactile processing on a body part can be improved not only when that body part is directly seen, but also when the participants can observe touch on someone else’s limb.

Modulation of tactile information processing by visual body touch

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