Run 2 Paradise

My name is Michael, I work in the IT Department  at Neuoscience Research Australia (NeuRA). Very soon, on the 23rd of June, I will be leaving from the front entrance of NeuRA to run 900km in order to reach my destination at Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland.

I’ll be running for 14 days straight, roughly 60km/day.

I’m doing this all to promote and raise funds for NeuRA as I believe strongly in the value of the research that is done at this institute.

Come see me off!  Or join me?  The send off is  SUNDAY 23 JUNE – 9AM – out the front doors of NeuRA.  I’d love to see you there, and it would mean a lot to see your smiling faces.

Follow @pragmaticrunner on twitter, facebook or on his websiste: and don’t forget to donate to run2paradise here .

Michael Cartwright running in support of Alzheimer’s disease research at NeuRA.  Donate here.



  1. I hope you’ll have the choirboys 1980s hit on repeat for inspiration. Good luck