What did you expect?

Hands-up who thinks a patient’s expectations influence how well they do in treatment? By Steve Kamper Nearly everyone? That’s no surprise. Research recently published by a group in the US reported on the relationship between expectation and outcome in a sample of back pain patients receiving physiotherapy. This is by no means the first time … [Read more...]

Expecting back pain – the possibility of a self-fulfilling prophecy

It seems like years ago now, well, it is years ago now, that I did this study with The Walking Cortex (TWC, Paul Hodges).  This was one of my PhD studies. I think it is quite a groovy study.  We gave supposedly normal healthy volunteers painful electric shocks, through electrodes placed over the back of their pelvis.  We showed that when they are … [Read more...]

Back Pain Myths Closing Sale Everything must go

Everyone knows all about low back pain. This is probably by virtue of the fact that most of us have or will experience it at some stage. Everyone is an expert, clinicians and patients alike and there are a whole host of accepted truths about back pain that we all cling on to. Ideas that replicate themselves successfully across populations have been … [Read more...]

The disc in sitting – much ado about nothing

When I went through physio school, I remember feeling more and more aware of how I sat, as the course went on. We were clearly learning our stuff - we knew, that back pain was caused in no small part by discs bulging - HANG ON! Let me start at the beginning (for as Mary Poppins says, it is a very good place to start). We actually knew that the disc … [Read more...]

Middlekoop et al chapter three – what do the numbers mean?

Here is a final installment in our coverage of the Middlekoop paper.  First up, we had Neil O'Connell talking about elephants and then we had Peter O’Sullivan raising some provocative thoughts on the value of our current direction in trying to evaluate exercise as a treatment for back pain. Now, from that odd group of people called … [Read more...]

Time to put away the magic bullet theory of back pain – Peter O’Sullivan talks…

Marienke van Middelkoop, and coworkers published a systematic review investigating the benefits of Exercise therapy for chronic nonspecific low-back pain (NSCLBP)[1]. They concluded that no exercise approach is superior to any other (from motor control to conditioning to back school) and that effect sizes for exercise are small in the management of … [Read more...]