Minding mindfulness – what is going on?

Mindfulness is, it seems, in fashion. Every month there seems to be a new TV show or talkback hour on its wondrous curative powers.  It made it into our Christmas Dinner Conversation and I am waiting for the mindfulness-branded t-shirts and environmentally friendly canvas shopping bags to emerge.  Is it really that good? Well, fortunately there are … [Read more...]

Guidelines for treating fibromyalgia in primary care physical therapy

Guidelines are so in aren't they?  I guess this is what happens when evidenced based medicine begins to take hold. Broadly speaking, I reckon it is a good thing.  There are caveats of course - see the furore that can emerge when powerful groups don't like the guidelines - all the more likely when there is not much evidence around on which to base … [Read more...]

Anxiety and mood in people with fibromyalgia or neuropathic pain – different mechanisms

Professor Troels Jensen's clever group of researchers have published an interesting paper in the European Journal of Pain.  We were thinking about writing a little spiel on it so you can get the idea and then we thought - what about asking the authors? So we did. Fortunately for us, Lise Gormsen, who has now got her PhD via this work, kindly agreed … [Read more...]