The Danes are showing up the rest of us!!

The Danes have made a good claim for the nation most interested in solving the problem of chronic pain! Led by their noble and energetic super-pain guy, Mr Morten Hogh, 20 righteous campaigners will slip into a very stylish Ride for Pain jersey and Get moving for chronic pain research, in UniSA’s Ride for Pain at your place!  I would have expected the Norwegians and Swedes to put up a good fight in the ‘Most community-minded pain clinicians’ award, but at the moment you are lagging a long way behind the MIGHTY DANES!

As for the rest of you out there, one might not expect such a clear statement of civility and corporate responsibility, an expression of concern and interest in the outcast and oppressed – a STATEMENT of values so clear as to place your country on that exclusive list of ALL ROUND NICE GUYS, so I am less shocked. Of course here is the chance to show otherwise because, at the moment, the sole entry on the list of Countries who clearly care – seems to be DENMARK – the gode fyre.

In order to give you other folk who have thought about the Ride for Pain at your place!  but have done nothing, and who didn’t realise that it is so easy to do and is for a fabulous cause, we are extending the deadline – but get in fast!

If anyone needed convincing that this Ride for Pain at your place! is worth doing – check out the stats from this 2012 Lancet paper – of the most burdensome health issues of our time, low back pain, neck pain and migraine are at 1st, 4th and 8th.

‘Other musculoskeletal disorders’ comes in at 5 and osteoarthritis at 15. Diabetes? 10th. Dementias including alzheimer’s? 24th. Cancer? Somewhere beyond 40th. So chronic pain disorders occupy 4 of the top ten most burdensome health issues. Now, for the sake of humanity itself, Get on your bike!


  1. Martin Hey says

    I will be keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of climatic adversity here in the UK (Yorkshire to be precise) getting a big ride in for the cause. Suspect my performance won`t give the Tour De France Grand Depart organisers much to worry about for 2014…

  2. Canadians Eh? Don’t miss out on our riders! Last I heard, a bunch of PTs from the Pain Science Division were getting in on this ride, and they were asking for some evidence that anyone in Chicago has seen any significant or lasting accumulation of snow in the month of April. 🙂
    Out here in western Canada, we have a variety of health professionals from Pain BC, happy to exchange our colourful riding kits for the Ride4Pain shirts in April. We will be well into spring, enjoying the cherry blossoms around Vancouver or spinning along beside the lakes of the Okanagan valley.

  3. All is right in the world! The Norwegians are in! But where are the Swedes? Could I have misjudged the Swedes? Will they not hop on board the train of civility, will they let their neighbours, de snille, carry the load alone? Let’s hope, for the sake of all humanity, that this is just a blip and the Swedes are about to get moving!

  4. Vegard Ølstørn says

    Norway is in. Ole Reidar Johansen and me have started a small movement today amongst norwegian manual physical therapists. Hope your fax and inbox are getting warm during the day :). Event in Norway is here on 28th of April:

  5. Well – Ruth Dyson and her colleagues have put their hand up to get a team riding IN ADELAIDE. Now that is impressive….we look forward to seeing you on the day Ruth!

  6. Sarah Haag says

    Just making a note that there is a gorgeous party of 3 braving the Chicago winter in the name of pain science… And our city is likely not as efficient at snow removal as they are in Scandinavia…. Go Team Entropy!!!!