What intensity of activity do you recommend for people with musculoskeletal pain?

Like most people, within my clinical/research practice, I draw upon my own personal every-day experiences. So, when I think about exercise prescription for people with musculoskeletal pain I am always drawn back to a story from my halcyon days of youth playing five-a-side in-door staff football on Friday afternoons at 4pm. On one particular … [Read more...]

Is “how much?” the right question to ask about exercise for pain?

  Exercise is widely accepted to be beneficial for health and is increasingly prescribed as treatment for many diseases and other chronic health conditions. Many studies in both humans and rodents have investigated the effectiveness of exercise as a treatment for chronic pain. Although the efficacy of exercise in rodent models of persistent … [Read more...]

Exercise is often ineffective as a short-term pain killer for patients with chronic pain

When healthy people start to exercise, the brain activates powerful descending analgesic systems (pain inhibitory actions). This leads to increased pain thresholds during exercise, making it less likely that we will feel pain during, or immediately following, exercise.  However, brain-orchestrated analgesia or pain inhibition is often impaired in … [Read more...]