Limericks about pain and practice. You choose the winner.

A little while ago I was fortunate enough to meet with a bunch of (mainly) Californians in a lovely Jacaranda-laden Campus of St Mary's College, LA.  There was a competition, the prize of which was not insubstantial - about 300 bucks worth of free seminars.  The contest? To write a limerick about the two days we had just spent doing 'Current … [Read more...]

The Inaugural Body in Mind Riddle Competition

See if you can solve this riddle.  A picture, they say, tells a thousand words. This one doesn't tell that many but if you can work out what it is saying, we will give you are prize.... The hint: We are starting a series of new experiments, each item in this picture contributes to a description of what the experiment is about.  There are … [Read more...]