Hats off to a physiotherapist waving the flag high in the pain world

I had the pleasure of meeting Steven George at the American Pain Society meeting. He has done some excellent work and is part of a truly impressive group of people working out of the University of Florida. Now this blog post is simply to pay tribute to what is a great achievement – Dr George has just been announced as the winner of the 2012 Ulf … [Read more...]

Kahil Gibran on pain: Prophetic or pathetic?

Jason Tonley from Kaiser Permanente in LA, reminded me of this old beauty from Kahlil Gibran’s classic The Prophet.  Now this stuff is written by a Lebanese American artist and poet, who was raised in poverty without formal education but with a gambling father who was jailed. After being evicted, his mum took him and his sisters and brother to … [Read more...]

Back Pain Myths Closing Sale Everything must go

Everyone knows all about low back pain. This is probably by virtue of the fact that most of us have or will experience it at some stage. Everyone is an expert, clinicians and patients alike and there are a whole host of accepted truths about back pain that we all cling on to. Ideas that replicate themselves successfully across populations have been … [Read more...]

NeurRA arrives

Yesterday, all my colleagues seemed so far away.... But now I know they're here to stay, Oh "Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute" is so yesterday. Sorry. This is to say that we are now Neuroscience Research Australia, fondly called NeuRA. I don't have a strong attraction to the ceremony of such things, but I must say the little TV … [Read more...]

Stinky feet? Bamboo socks I tell yer

I was recently traveling in the UK. I travel light so as to make ridiculously tight deadlines - even stopping for my luggage could best laid plans lay waste.  I decided this was a good opportunity to test out the relative stink-index of two kinds of socks - cotton and bamboo.  So, I undertook a double blind randomised comparison.  In the morning, I … [Read more...]

Explain Pain Now In Spanish

Ahora explique el dolor en español. Raphael el soldado de caballería estupendo debe tener su sangre en botella para el gran esfuerzo que él ha puesto en esto, la versión española de explica dolor. Mi página preferida en las versiones traducidas es la página 10, que contiene la historia conmovedora de un hombre en el parque zoológico. Affectionally … [Read more...]

All trout are fish but not all fish deserve legal counsel

In an intriguing political story, it seems that Switzerland is on the verge of voting in legal representation for all victim animals. A key consideration is whether a fish, for example, is a sentient being. Well, I think that is interesting, but I write this because it reminds me of something a mate of mine is doing on slime. David … [Read more...]

Get this paragraph into your noggin….

Lorimer just wrote this opening paragraph for a book chapter.  Heidi said "Stick that up as a blog post". Lorimer said "OK". The rest is history...... Biological organisms are proficient at protecting themselves from threat.  Seminal work more than a century ago clearly demonstrated that even unicellular organisms can propel themselves away from … [Read more...]

Putting out sound-bite spot fires…

Recently, I was asked by a national television network to participate in a live debate on “positive thinking versus physiotherapy for back pain”.  I thought it sounded sufficiently dubious to most likely reflect a prank call from one of my prank-calling mates.  I responded in kind - “Thanks for calling - I would be thrilled. Of course I only do … [Read more...]

Research Blogging Awards Finalists

Body in Mind has made the finals of the Research Blogging Awards for the Best Blog in Psychology, THANKS to all of you who nominated us. Voting has begun, but you can only vote if you're registered with research blogging so we thought we'd tell you about some of the outstanding blogs in the final categories and we've selected a few of our … [Read more...]