Chronic pain is a brain thang – right?

One last offering from the Neuropathic Pain Meeting in Nice - first sent as an email to the NeuPSIG special interest group. To join NeuPSIG, click here. PCP - CNS or PNS? GLM covers 2SS - the SBS & the SSS present ATS @ NSM in SNS Too many acronyms are hardly enough, but this session at NeuPSIG 2015 had much much more than a whole lot of … [Read more...]

Michael’s marvellous microglia in mice and (not just) men talk at NeuPSIG 2015, Nice.

Michael Salter gave a fascinating plenary talk at NeuPSIG 2015, on the role of microglia in chronic pain. Microglia are currently a hot topic in pain research, but the world of neuroimmune interactions is pretty confusing for those of us outside it. This talk provided a little porthole for us to peer through, to make sense of some of that … [Read more...]

The effectiveness of drugs for neuropathic pain – what do we know?

Neuropathic pain (NP) - that is pain arising from identifiable damage or disease affecting the somatosensory nervous system is common and frequently severe and life-changing. It is also notoriously difficult to treat effectively. Indeed we know that for many people with NP treatment is inadequate. The International Association for the Study of Pain … [Read more...]