A Painful Yarn part two

Continued from Eric's A Painful Yarn part one ......So, what did I notice? First, the adrenaline that accompanied the accident was wearing off. I could feel moment-by-moment discomfort and tension increasing in my right ankle and left knee as they swelled. I also got the sense that my body wanted movement. I found myself doing the proverbial … [Read more...]

A Painful Yarn part one

I was riding my bike on my normal route to work. Then it happened, like a blink. A jeep that was not supposed to be there was there, coming at me. No time to change course or apply brakes, just brace for impact. I was headed west bound on a two lane road. Entering a light controlled intersection on a green light.  A Jeep Cherokee in the opposing … [Read more...]

I love it when a plan comes together

Here is an email I got from Rebecca Erlewein.  I love stories like hers because they show an impressive degree of self-awareness and they reveal, first hand, what I reckon is going on in the brain of many people who being to understand how complex pain REALLY is, and how complex we REALLY are, and how GROOVY the whole thing is.....Anyway, here are … [Read more...]

A Great Yarn

For those of you who have read the Painful Yarns stories - we got an email recently from Tim Beames who sent us a conversation he'd had with one of his patients: "This big guy with CLBP is standing in front of me with tears rolling down his cheeks whilst I'm blathering on about attention and pain etc and a light suddenly gets switched on.  He … [Read more...]