Do you want to give a little love back our way?

If you are new to, you might not be aware of a major community outreach initiative being driven by our Chief Editor Professor Lorimer Moseley, called Pain Revolution. Pain Revolution emerged a couple of years ago on the back of two observations that will probably not be all that novel to you, but, both taken together, seemed pretty … [Read more...]

Run 2 Paradise

My name is Michael, I work in the IT Department  at Neuoscience Research Australia (NeuRA). Very soon, on the 23rd of June, I will be leaving from the front entrance of NeuRA to run 900km in order to reach my destination at Surfer's Paradise, Queensland. I'll be running for 14 days straight, roughly 60km/day. I'm doing this all to promote … [Read more...]

Physiotherapy in Nepal – We would like your support

Some of you may know that in March this year I swapped my Associate Professorship at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, for a volunteering position at Dhulikhel Hospital / Kathmandu University in Nepal. Let me first tell you something about the situation in Nepal, something about the hospital and physiotherapy, and then how you … [Read more...]