Catastrophizing and depression are the main predictors for pain in patients with CFS

It is known that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients often present unhelpful pain beliefs / behaviors, such as catastrophic thinking, depressive thoughts, passive coping strategies and fear of movement or kinesiophobia.  Several of these beliefs and personality traits could potentially enhance pain perception, a process known as cognitive … [Read more...]

In the mind or in the brain? Central sensitization in chronic fatigue syndrome

Do you recall patients complaining of hypersensitivity to light, sound, cold, stress or mechanical pressure (e.g. jewellery on the neck)? This often relates to hypersensitivity of the central nervous system, a mechanism referred to as central sensitization. Brain orchestrated inhibitory mechanisms no longer work properly, while the brain activates … [Read more...]

Belgium – Famous for Chocolate and Explaining Pain Biology

Not an immediately obvious pairing, but still a bit more logical than a shop I once visited in UlaanBataar that sold saucepans, fur coats and guns (actually now that I think about it - one could shoot the elk, skin it and cook it up - quite the sensible shop after all). These Belgians have taken on the explaining pain thing and done some very nice … [Read more...]