The Dark Side of La Mano, or Space-Temperature Interactions in CRPS

I was unsure about that title, but I figured it's holiday season and I am going to talk about work I did with two Italians, and I know there are some Pink Floyd fans out there. Somewhere. If you have never heard of Pink or Floyd, then go with the subtitle - Space - temperature interactions in CRPS. Earlier this year, Alberto Gallace, Charlie Spence … [Read more...]

The cortical body matrix. Reloaded.

People with chronic pain have some pretty odd perceptual disturbances – the affected area might feel swollen when it is not,[1] it might be difficult to ‘find’  in the mind’s eye,[2] it might feel foreign, displaced, stuck, full, hot, thin, floating or heavy,[3].  People with chronic pain also have proprioceptive difficulties, blood flow changes, … [Read more...]