A “protection mode” in pain costs

A very simple and clinical way to screen how humans perceive touch is to do a tactile acuity assessment. Tactile acuity is a measure of the precision of the sense of touch and there has been fervid interest in tactile acuity and pain in the past decade. Patients with chronic pain, especially chronic low back pain have reduced tactile acuity.[1] … [Read more...]

Tactile acuity in acute pain: do we not see the wood for the trees?

It is well known that chronic pain is associated with changes in the brain: Several lines of research confirm alterations in the central nervous system in chronic pain syndromes including phantom limb pain, complex regional pain syndrome, patients with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and - the most prevalent syndrome - chronic non-specific low back … [Read more...]

Assessing tactile acuity in clinical practice

Persistent pain, in conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome and chronic low back pain, is associated with cortical changes and altered tactile acuity.[2-4, 6, 7] Tactile acuity is thus considered a clinical signature of primary somatosensory representation[5] in these conditions and is increasingly being assessed in clinical practice to … [Read more...]