Neuroplasticity neuroschplacity

We (ok, I) have been a bit slow on the uptake here, but Mindhacks posted a typically excellent piece lamenting the use of 'neuroplasticity'. Vaughan, in typically excellent style, argues that, because the brain is always changing - we can't do anything really without something changing - the term is meaningless.  He goes so far to say that perhaps … [Read more...]

It is not your schnoz that matters

Solving the take-away coffee induced black-tipped nose problem A little while ago we ran an experiment of sorts to test the hypothesis that the length of one's nose was positively related to the risk of getting a black spot on it while drinking a take-away coffee. That is, the longer your nose, the more likely you are to get a black spot on it … [Read more...]

Body in Mind venturing into some on-line experiments…

We have been working for a while towards doing some experiments that involve online data collection.  These experiments will involve reaction time tasks and questionnaires.  However, many of you will know that Lorimer has NO IDEA when it comes to setting up things like this. However, he is a courageous fellow and has timidly gone where he has never … [Read more...]