Training the Brain 1 – Cognitive, understanding the problem

We’re currently going through some of Lorimer’s presentations to make them freely available. We’ll post them as we get them ready under the heading of ‘Training the Brain’ – this series is focused on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) but relevant to all types of pain.

Training the Brain series

Training the Brain 1 – Cognitive, understanding the problem
Training the Brain 2 – Behavioural, function and movement hierarchy
Training the Brain 3 – Brain changes, S1 reorganisation
Training the Brain 4 – Recent developments, neglect and ownership
Training the Brain 5 – Recent developments, disrupted bodily awareness


  1. Whoops!! Lorrimer

    just been recommending your site at a recent lecture I gave to 100 sports medicine docs & physios . Interestingly I got the .com and .au mixed up with some quite startling results. A Freudian slip no doubt. Gives mantal immagery an exciting dimension??


    Lorimer Reply:

    Thanks for the recommendations – and yes, the .com takes you to a whole other site….!