What is Body in Mind about?

BodyinMind was developed in 2009 by Professor Lorimer Moseley and Digital Publishing Consultant Heidi Allen, as a method to promote better understanding of the clinical pain sciences. Bodyinmind.org quickly grew to be the most significant presence in the clinical pain sciences in the web/social media space. In 2014, it appointed esteemed early and mid-career pain scientists as Section Editors to help cope with the massive literature, and shortly thereafter we appointed junior associate editors – PhD students and seasoned bloggers – to work with primary authors to get their message into a form that can be easily digested by people outside of the ‘hood. We have now provided almost 1000 blog posts, with hundreds of authors from 22 different countries.  Our original vision was to provide a credible and reliable channel through which clinical pain scientists can bring their scientific discoveries straight into the real world.

In August 2019, we decided that a decade was a good milestone to shift our attention elsewhere. We think bodyinmind.org disrupted the field and has led to a raft of excellent websites, podcasts, dissemination services. Because it served multiple purposes, from dissemination, to training, to wordsmithing, promoting and advocating, it really did consume a lot of resources. So, in August 2019, we decided to stop. We have now archived the site for your searching and perusal. We are no longer monitoring it. To those who will miss the weekly updates, we are sorry. To those who want to keep in touch with what Prof Moseley and his team are doing, there are a couple of options – pain revolution.org and tamethebeast.org – and we strongly suspect new projects will emerge so keep an eye and ear out!

Lorimer Moseley