What is Body in Mind about?

BodyinMind was developed by Professor Lorimer Moseley and Digital Publishing Consultant Heidi Allen, as a method to promote better understanding of the clinical pain sciences. Lorimer is constantly gobsmacked by the fearful and wonderful complexity of the human and excited by the regular scientific discoveries that tell us more about us. An avid story-teller, Lorimer started ‘bringing the science to the people’ over a decade ago and teamed up with Dr David Butler to produce the rather special book Explain Pain. Lorimer was nonetheless frustrated at how little attention seems to be given by scientists to getting their work out to the wider public in a manner that is easier to understand than reading the article. Heidi’s unique and substantial skill set presented an excellent opportunity to do exactly that, so in 2009, BodyinMind.org was formed.

We have grown to be the most significant presence in the clinical pain sciences in the web/social media space. In 2014, we appointed esteemed early and mid-career pain scientists as Section Editors to help us cope with the massive literature, and shortly thereafter we appointed junior associate editors – PhD students and seasoned bloggers – to work with primary authors to get their message into a form that can be easily digested by people outside of the ‘hood. We have now provided over 600 blog posts, (from over 200 authors in 22 countries) mainly focussed on discussing recent evidence-based pain research. On a monthly basis we currently have over 25,000 visitors (20,000 unique) from over 140 countries and nearly 2,000 subscribers.

We have been cited in grant applications in at least four countries and we have the web/social media KLOUT equivalent to a large University. BodyinMind.org is just one initiative by which Lorimer and his team and collaborators are trying to promote widespread understanding of modern pain sciences. You can see his other outreach activities, including Art Exhibitions, Public lectures and Mass Bike Rides, here.

Here is our vision: To provide a credible and reliable channel through which clinical pain scientists can bring their scientific discoveries straight into the real world. We reckon that the communication bit of science is the bit that often drags the chain of knowledge development and transfer. We want to communicate our science better. We want to side-step, or perhaps leap-frog, the arduous journey that new discoveries make before they have the opportunity to influence the real world. We want people to share in our fascination with the fearful and wonderful complexity of the human; we want people to understand the scientific discoveries as they occur, not 20 years later, to grasp their significance and potential relevance to everyday life, but to also become astute sifters of the wheat from the chaff.  We want to be a reliable go-to web space for the latest developments in the science of pain.

Body in Mind logoBodyinMind.org is committed to what Professor Moseley’s research group has defined as their trademarks – the characteristics by which they wish to be known: Collaboration, Communication, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence.

Lorimer Moseley

Lorimer Moseley

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