There is no such thing as a new idea continued

(continued from last post)…Socio-cognitive models have been used by health psychologist to increase our understanding of a variety of health behaviours.  What about disability associated with low back pain?  If we can think of disability as made up of specific behaviours then and if these behaviours are intentional it follows that people with low … [Read more...]

There is no such thing as a new idea

For my first BIM post I wanted to blog about an article that I read some years ago that had probably the biggest impact on my thinking on low back pain and disability and 15 years later still informs the way that I think about pain and disability. Around the mid 1990s when I first started research in low back pain a UK-based health psychologist … [Read more...]

James McAuley talks back pain and research

James is a senior researcher at the BiM research group at NeuRA. James came to BiM with a excellent pedigree having worked at with Back Pain Research Group at Sydney University and the George Institute.  His research interests are in back pain and clinical pain. James is possibly the most interesting manager in the world - former club … [Read more...]

A new blog on the block

A new blog has appeared that we think is worth checking out.  Called, it is being run by some of the star recent PhD graduates from the George Institute for Global Health.  Some of the bloggers, like Steve Kamper and Tasha Stanton, are regular contributors to Body in Mind and generally you couldn’t get a group of brighter or nicer … [Read more...]