Generating Much Interest (aka GMI)

Graded motor imagery (GMI) for the treatment of chronic pain has certainly been generating much interest recently. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to publish a systematic review and meta-analysis - with a pretty snazzy bunch of researchers might I add - looking at the effects of GMI and its components on chronic pain. We published our article … [Read more...]

Should we turn away people with CRPS?

Two foods I love eating regularly (and that’s probably not a good thing for the latter) are tuna and ice cream. Thankfully, I have a firm grasp of the concept that some things just weren’t made for mixing. You might think this is a funny way to start a blog post on CRPS… but I promise you the Adelaide heat hasn’t fried my brain. I contend that … [Read more...]

Pelvic Pain – all the fun stuff

Many of us here at BiM went to the Festival de NOI a couple of weeks ago. It was fab. However, we know that most of you couldn't make it and we thought we would briefly recap some of the talks so you can feel the passion for yourselves. Here is the first one..... This morning in the practice where I work, I overheard a male patient telling one … [Read more...]

Introducing Jane Bowering and counting sheep

Jane has an addiction to Vegemite, doesn't eat cereal, and is currently finishing her Honours in Physiotherapy degree. Jane is intending to do paediatrics physiotherapy, but we are hoping to sideswipe that plan and get her back to do a PhD. What is she doing at BiM? Jane is doing her honours project in pain research looking at low back … [Read more...]