BiM in Review 2010

In reviewing 2010 for BiM, we wanted to gather together in one place the gems and nuggets that have been written in the last year.

A big big THANK YOU to the 40 writers who have taken time out to explain their research and thinking as well as the many readers and commenters to the posts in various places on the interweb – the blog, facebook, twitter etc….  Our community stretches across 156 countries, from Botswana to Libia and beyond.  Why is this important to us?  Our aim is to better facilitate and disseminate credible clinical science research.

Some highlights – ‘Don’t drink in the dark’ was about beer and mossies, placebo, acupuncture and back pain featured amongst those blogs that were most read, along with surveys on black coffee noses, and research into smelly socks.  Enjoy browsing, I certainly did putting this together.  The table is interactive – so you can rearrange the posts by author name, or search on the title.

Happy New YearHeidi Allen
Benedict Wand on Brain Changes in Chronic PainBenedict Wand
Further evidence to suggest we should learn something novel every decadeLorimer Moseley
I promise Prof Cook is not on the payrollLorimer Moseley
Stuart Derbyshire on I feel your painStuart Derbyshire
Lorimer is speaking at APTA and needs your help!!!!Lorimer Moseley
More evidence that high order cognitive representations modulate perceptionLorimer Moseley
Silencing brain cells – a step towards, or away from, curing chronic pain?
Lorimer Moseley
The 2009 Medical Weblog Awards – time to nominate your favourite medical blogHeidi Allen
I got the word daft published in the British Medical Journal
Lorimer Moseley
Luke Parkitny on neurons that mirrorLuke Parkitny
Piano stairs make exercise funLorimer Moseley
The paracetamol passion (aka the ‘acetaminophen affair’)Lorimer Moseley
Medical Weblog Awards Finalists – the polls are openHeidi Allen
Body in Mind venturing into some on-line experiments…Lorimer Moseley
Back pain- Neil OConnell on local muscles going globalNeil O'Connell
Where is my back?Lorimer Moseley
A Great YarnLorimer Moseley
Getting your thesis out there. Back to oneself, sensory motor learning applied in patients with nonspecific chronic low back painChristina Schön-Ohlsson
Nonsense in the media – acupuncture, pain and the brainLorimer Moseley
Neil OConnell on A Cup of weak QiNeil O'Connell
I love it when a plan comes togetherLorimer Moseley
The Inaugural Body in Mind Riddle CompetitionLorimer Moseley
Is that training diary doing anything?Lorimer Moseley
Six myths about the brainLorimer Moseley
More on the complex interaction between us and our environment….Lorimer Moseley
EVEN MORE on the complex interaction between us and our environmentLorimer Moseley
Research Blogging Awards FinalistsHeidi Allen
Alberto Gallace responds to Little Touches Do Mean So MuchAlberto Gallace
Where are the rats at the cage fightsLorimer Moseley
Searching for DescartesLorimer Moseley
If graves could talk, Patrick Wall’s would be screaming (oh, and genes affect pain)Lorimer Moseley
To be here, or not to beMatt Longo
Exercise Behavior in Ankylosing SpondylitisStuart Porter
fMRI and behaviour – Neuroskeptic clears things upLorimer Moseley
There are side effects, and there are real side effectsLorimer Moseley
Chronic back pain – when research comes out of the blueNeil O'Connell
Putting out sound-bite spot fires…Lorimer Moseley
Get this paragraph into your noggin….Lorimer Moseley
All trout are fish but not all fish deserve legal counselLorimer Moseley
Now the expert talks about SMOUNDSAnne-Sylvie Crisinel
Explain Pain Now In SpanishLorimer Moseley
Mirror mirror in my brain, are you the answer to every-thaingLorimer Moseley
When the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome spreads, we should be thinking dorsal horn not malingeringGiampietro Zanette, Stefano Tamburin
Faulty input makes you feel funny, but doesn’t hurtLorimer Moseley
Don’t Drink in the DarkLorimer Moseley
Five questions you should ask a patient in painLorimer Moseley
Oliver Sacks on Visual HallucinationHeidi Allen
Wanted: Pain EngineersMark Changizi
Exercise and Back Pain – Hell’s own elephantNeil O'Connell
Time to put away the magic bullet theory of back pain – Peter O’Sullivan talksPeter O'Sullivan
Middlekoop et al chapter three – what do the numbers mean?Anne Smith
Of mice and men – Jeff Mogil on grimacingJeff Mogil
A Head Full of MirrorsLorimer Moseley
Stinky feet? Bamboo socks I tell yerLorimer Moseley
What is it like to be a woman?Lorimer Moseley
Acupuncture, Adenosine and Cycling FishNeil O'Connell
Acupuncture – the mysterious case of the missing razorNeil O'Connell
The disc in sitting – much ado about nothingLorimer Moseley
NeurRA arrivesLorimer Moseley
Back Pain Myths Closing Sale Everything Must GoNeil O'Connell
Searching for Rene Descartes or just ‘knowing’ he is thereLorimer Moseley
A University Student’s Guide to Motor ImageryShikta Dey
It hurts to be blueLuke Parkitny
Expecting back pain – the possibility of a self-fulfilling prophecyLorimer Moseley
Up close and personal with movement – a review from the expertsLorimer Moseley
Project New BiM LogoLorimer Moseley
What should we do about tennis elbowRachelle Buchbinder
Large flat whites taste stronger than regular flat whitesLorimer Moseley
A bitter-sweet symphonyAnne-Sylvie Crisinel
Time to brush up on your actingRahul Mohan
The Riddle WinnerLorimer Moseley
Breaking news – new guidelines for treating CRPSLorimer Moseley
Preventing CRPS after wrist fractureLorimer Moseley
Lorimer coming to the USA August & SeptemberLorimer Moseley
Paul the Psychic Octopus: A watery lesson in understanding clinical evidenceNeil O'Connell
We Believe Because We Evolved That Way part onePeter Blanch
We Believe Because We Evolved That Way part twoPeter Blanch
What did you expect?Steve Kamper
The morality of magic kisses: Ethics and placebo in physiotherapyNeil O'Connell
When showing it doesn’t work doesn’t workLorimer Moseley
Making Sense of SenseNadia Barnsley
Is CRPS an auto-immune diseaseAndreas Goebel
The genetics of dystonia in CRPS – not what we were expectingBob Van Hilten
Our New LogoLorimer Moseley
Anxiety and mood in people with fibromyalgia or neuropathic pain – different mechanismsLise Gormsen
Genetic predisposition to chronic painLorimer Moseley
Of moose and maple syrup – a Canadian visits BodyinMindDavid Walton
Misinformed Consent? What not to tell a patient with back painNeil O'Connell
Teaching people about pain – a kind of position paperLorimer Moseley
Chronic Low Back Pain and Advanced MathematicsCormac Ryan
It is not your schnoz that mattersLorimer Moseley
A Reflection on the Mirror BoxMax Feltham
Neuroplasticity neuroschplacityLorimer Moseley
Giving way to the right – the Brits could be onto somethingSarah Wallwork
World Congress on Pain throws up a few gemsLorimer Moseley
Rezoning Harlem and 9/11 – pain modulatorsLorimer Moseley
Whiplash, Compensation and RecoveryMichelle Sterling
Here is fearfully and wonderfully complex for yerLorimer Moseley
Belgium – Famous for Chocolate and Explaining Pain BiologyJo Nijs, Jessica Van Oosterwijck, Mira Meeus
Psychological obstacles to recovery in back pain: A rumble in the journalNeil O'Connell
The Brain Private Fort or Social Arena?Shikta Dey
Nociceptive, peripheral neuropathic, central sensitivity – is it all Greek to us?Keith Smart
Now then, Pay Attention!Neil O'Connell
Evidence Based ArguingBen Wand
Location Location Location. Acupuncture and chronic shoulder pain – CAM or Sham?Neil O'Connell
We’re still looking for kids brainsLorimer Moseley
People who can’t imagineLorimer Moseley
With The Touch of One’s Own HandMarjolein Kammers
How the brain makes us feelFlavia Di Pietro
Introducing DAMIEN – the brain’s default mode networkFlavia Di Pietro
Ron ‘gate control theory’ Melzack – short filmLorimer Moseley
How To Form A HabitTasha Stanton
Lions and lollipops. The brain’s amazing race for meaning.Flavia Di Pietro
Association and Causation and a World Record Experiment to DisseminationLorimer Moseley
Descending inhibitory noxious control. Don’t bite your lip – stand on your opposite toeLorimer Moseley
Neuroplasticity neuroschplacity. The results are in and introducing Neuroelasticity.Lorimer Moseley
Back pain: It ain’t what you do it’s ….?Neil O'Connell
Taking clinical neuroscience to the people. An update.Lorimer Moseley
Time to buy a lottery ticket? Grant outcomes bring their usual surprises.Lorimer Moseley
Placebo effect: now we can see it, but should we believe it?Luciana Machado
Acupuncture, some dodgy maths and a cracking review paperNeil O'Connell
Low back pain – time we sang from the same song sheetJohn Barbis
The painful legacy of tortureNeil O'Connell
Real World Attempts To Bring Science To Practice 101Luke Parkitny
BiM in Review 2010Heidi Allen
John Cleese Refresher Course on the BrainBiM Team
BiM in Review 2009Heidi Allen
It's hardly Brain SurgeryLorimer Moseley