Check this out!


  1. Hi Emma
    To our knowledge the clip is only available on YouTube. The only way around it might be to show patients the video via your own phone or iPad.

  2. Emma James says

    Is is possible to have access to the check this out clip other than via you tube, we would love to show it to patietns in our clinic but NHS computers block access to you tube.

  3. Cute video. A simple, although thorough explanation of pain. I must state that continual tissue damage can occur with Chronic Pain (i.e. Chronic Inflamatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy), as the video does not cover. One other note: In certain medical conditions (i.e. Guillain-Barre Syndrome), the body’s connective tissue does not heal within the time frame stated within the video. Well worth watching – awesome artist!

  4. Vincent Gutierrez says

    We were just having this discussion in clinic today. Thanks for the video, I think that this is general information that experienced therapists may have forgotten and new therapists are not learning.