David Sackett Talks About Evidence Based Medicine

Another in our Golden Oldies series:  Here is a superstar, well I guess he is sort of a pioneer/superstar, of evidenced based medicine, in an interview with a slightly cheesy fellow, just after Sackett won the Gairdner Award for Leadership in Medicine. These awards are extremely posh and Prof Sackett deserves it. The thing I like about him is him really – seems like a really nice chap.  There is a great story about George Washington and an account of that horrible realisation some time ago that 1 in 20 post-heart attack patients with arrhythmia were actually being killed by the drugs they were put on. Not that I have stolen the thunder – it is well worth grabbing your latte, your wine or, as we did, your makeshift lettuce, tomato, fetta and walnut salad, and having a look.

First published on BiM here:  ‘Is this the Father of Evidence Based Medicine? David Sackett talks