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Always wanted to see a Keynote Speaker do something outrageous? Do you think Lorimer would look fetching in a school dress?  Now you have the chance to see both these things – donate here now.

So, how on earth did Lorimer find himself in this situation? Here is, as they say in marketing parlance, the ‘back story’.

Do It In a Dress

Last week was Research Week in the School of Health Sciences at The University of South Australia. This is the week in which the 1st year PhD students defend their proposals, the final year PhD students present their work and we all sit and marvel at how much we are doing for the world. Well at the finishing party, one of our particularly noble performers, Dr Natalie Parletta, turned up in a school dress. She grabbed the microphone and waxed lyrical about Doing it in a dress.

The campaign raises money to put girls in Sierra Leone through school. Sounds left field? Well shove this statistic in your hand bag – currently, a girl in Sierra Leone has more chance of being sexually abused than she does of going to high school. The positive effects of giving a girl an education are huge: she’ll get married later and have fewer and healthier children; for every year she stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10%. With the money she earns, she’ll invest 90% of it back into her family.

Now for some strange reason, Natalie suggested to the whole School that, on Do it in a dress day, even the Professors would be wearing a school dress, and then pointed directly at me. In fact, she had recruited a couple more school dress wearers to stand out the front and then, on cue, add their pointy fingers to the point at Lorimer game.  It was a set-up I tell yer!

Not to be caught unawares and with a not insubstantial rush of blood I said I would do my next keynote lecture in a dress if my donations hit $3000, knowing full well that they wouldn’t…..

However, Natalie has bugged me to at least put the word out, so we have a chance of cracking the three grand figure. That would be 13 girls through school.

So, the gauntlet has been thrown and this blog post is to ask all of you who want to do something truly good for the world, and get the pleasure of me making a complete goose of myself, to go here and donate to the cause. If yawl make the magic figure of $3000, then you have my word – I will don the school dress for the cause. I will indeed, DO IT IN A DRESS!

UPDATE 31st October 2012:

Lorimer’s Do It In A Dress campaign is done and dusted. Thanks again to all you lovely people who donated. You have paid for high school scholarships for 70 girls. If you missed it all, you can learn about the problem here:

and you can see some pretty average photos of it all here:

Lorimer Moseley do it in a dress

About Lorimer Moseley

Lorimer is NHMRC Senior Research Fellow with twenty years clinical experience working with people in pain. After spending some time as a Nuffield Medical Research Fellow at Oxford University he returned to Australia in 2009 to take up an NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA). In 2011, he was appointed Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & the Inaugural Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, Adelaide. He runs the Body in Mind research groups. He is the only Clinical Scientist to have knocked over a water tank tower in Outback Australia.

Link to Lorimer’s published research hereDownloadable PDFs here.


  1. We’re onto it!!! Looking good Lorimer – you’ve already put 5 girls back in school with a whopping $1,315, nearly half way there….

  2. And how about a video of it so all can enjoy???

    Lorimer Reply:

    Well, that WILL cost some serious donating.