Its Hardly Brain Surgery

This is an oldy but a real goody.  I must say that I half expect the codfish stare of death every time someone asks me what I do and have been more than tempted to groovy it up a bit with something like ‘brain surgery’.  However, this fellow is rather less coy about his line of work.  Check it out – it is predictable but I would suggest, perfect.


  1. Jo Oliver says:

    Hello Matthew and Tom. Glad to see via Facebook that eye jab not serious. Probably the Tetanus jab was unwelcome too! For your tiredness Vitamin D right now…I mean today. One tab a day.

    Matthew Green Reply:

    Cheers Jo. Happy New Year.

  2. Absolutely brilliant, thanks Jo. I’m sitting in the hospital with my son at the moment. His brother poked him in the eye with a stick. It’s not exactly brain surgery but …:-)

    Jo Oliver Reply:

    What a way to start the new year!? I will send good vibes to the patient, and to Dad of course. It,s probably not a good idea to “rub it better”, but perhaps you could rub the top of his head and repeat “all better now”. This magic touch works wonders on children, as you probably know.Good wishes for 2011 and may it not be serious.

    Matthew Green Reply:

    Thanks Jo. I offered to kiss it better but he’s 13 now and apparently that particular remedy is just ‘too weird’.

  3. Jo Oliver says:

    Happy New Year to you all. Keep going it does help to distract me!

  4. If I ever ned one I hope, I really hope, I don’t get one like him!! I would rather have Benjamin Carson! Look him up on the web.

    Betsan Corkhill Reply:

    🙂 Love it! It’s a question I dread as you can imagine. Try telling people you’re researching knitting – the reactions are quite interesting! Happy New Year to you!