The following are posters we have published. Click on the links below to access the posters and download the PDFs

CRPS diagnostic criteria used for most BiM Studies
Lorimer Moseley

Evaluation of a treatment-based classification algorithm for low back pain
Tasha R Stanton, Julie M Fritz, Mark J Hancock, Jane Latimer, Chris G Maher, Benedict  M Wand, Eric C Parent


IASP 2016


IASP 2014

Vision of the body enhances touch
Jacki Eads, Susan Hillier & G. Lorimer Moseley


Managing chronic nonspecific low back pain with a sensorimotor retraining approach: exploratory multiple-baseline study of 3 participants
Benedict M. Wand, Neil E. O’Connell, Flavia Di Pietro, Max Bulsara

PainAdelaide 2013


Noi 2012
BiM team posters

IASP 2012
BiM team posters