Preventing CRPS after wrist fracture

The last post described a new paper in BMC Neurology suggesting guidelines for the treatment of CRPS. They also discussed prevention. They concluded that people who fracture their wrist should be given 500 mg daily vitamin C because two RCT's show a reduction in incidence of CRPS in those who do this[1,2] both papers from the same group as the … [Read more...]

Breaking news – new guidelines for treating CRPS

BMC Neurology has just published the findings of a group of Dutch researchers in their quest to develop multidisciplinary guidelines for treatment of CRPS[1].  They looked at literature from 1980 - 2005.  It is a major piece of work and I reckon it deserves publication. It is also a shocker when one produces such a monumental piece of work to have … [Read more...]

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – in plain English

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? Well, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is exactly that Complex: Many, many different problems have been identified in people with CRPS. These problems can be severe and usually involve many of our biological systems.  This makes the situation complex. Regional: The symptoms of CRPS are almost … [Read more...]

Useful Sites for CRPS

TREND CRPS research consortium, The Netherlands CRPS UK RSD Canada Dutch guidelines on treatment for CRPS Downloadable leaflets Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease-a national centre for the management of CRPS, UK CRPS Guidelines can be accessed via the Royal College of Physicians website … [Read more...]