Neuroimmunology for dummies. Part 1: Immune system in learning and memory – T cells.

A common way to investigate what role particular biological markers play is to breed (in the loosest sense of the word - ie genetically engineer) an animal that doesn’t have those biomarkers. Mice are the usual suckers.  Mice can be ‘bred’ to have no T cells (T cells are otherwise known as T lymphocytes, white blood cells that are produced … [Read more...]

It is not your schnoz that matters

Solving the take-away coffee induced black-tipped nose problem A little while ago we ran an experiment of sorts to test the hypothesis that the length of one's nose was positively related to the risk of getting a black spot on it while drinking a take-away coffee. That is, the longer your nose, the more likely you are to get a black spot on it … [Read more...]