Potluck? Might Cannabis reduce neuropathic pain?

The Journal of Pain’s 4th most downloaded article in 2013 (Wilsey ey al 2013) is a study of vaporised cannabis for the treatment of neuropathic pain.[1]  Thirty-nine patients, with various types of refractory neuropathic pain, participated in a double-blind crossover study, receiving low-dose (1.29%), medium dose (3.53%) or placebo cannabis in each … [Read more...]

Distilling the highs of cannabis-based pain relief

Doctors still debate about treating chronic pain with cannabis. At present, the evidence of benefit[1] does not clearly outweigh the long-term risks of cannabis to mental health.[2] Cannabis contains many chemicals but only delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has significant pain-relieving properties. Unfortunately, THC is also responsible for the … [Read more...]