Who are We

Bodyinmind.org was established by Lorimer Moseley and Heidi Allen. It quickly grew and the key players during its 10 year activity are listed below.

Prof Lorimer Moseley

Heidi Allen

Chief Editorial roles

Neil O’Connell

Carolyn Berryman

Section Editors

Flavia Di Pietro

Claudia M. Campbell

Alberto Gallace

Daniel Harvie

Steve Kamper

James McAuley

Tasha Stanton

Professor Ben Wand

International Advisers

David Butler

Giandomenico Iannetti

Mark P. Jensen,

Martin Lotze

Dr Mick Thacker

Associate Editors/Writing Coaches

João Paulo (JP) Caneiro

Emma Karran

Hopin Lee

Tory Madden

Adrian Traeger

Sarah Wallwork